Binance Beginners Guide – Best Crypto Exchange Guide Step By Step

In the Binance Beginners Guide you will find a description of the admin panel and instructions for use of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

At the international Binance exchange you are able to buy over one hundred different cryptocurrencies. This is a remarkable platform and it is definitely worth having an account here. The binance beginners guide consists of three parts. We described the whole procedure of placing buy and sell orders, deposits and withdrawals. Of course, we’ve also described the binance user panel in this binance exchange guide.

Creating an account is free and does not require verification. E-mail confirmation is enough for you to use all functions of the Binance exchange.

I set up an account now Need more information

Over the course of this binance exchange guide, let us take a look at what is Binance and how to use the Binance, the largest in the world exchange to trade cryptocurrencies very simply.

Binance User Guide

The binance exchange guide is intended for beginners. Therefore, in addition to the functions that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, I will also discuss the user panel and additional tabs in the menu (at the end of the article). If you’ve come here because you’re looking for a platform for yourself, read the opinions of experts on Binance.

As a platform user, you have two areas to choose from to manage your trading account:

  • Stock exchange panel – buying, selling, charts, tools 
  • User panel – settings, height of balances, security

If you like this article, Please try to read more, because In our binance exchange guide you will find valuable information on how to start your adventure with the binance exchange.

Binance Exchange panel

To buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Binance, select any option from the Exchange tab in the upper left corner.

binance guide

The exchange panel is available in two options: Basic and Advanced. The latter is definitely more affordable to the eye. After selecting Advanced, you will see a screen that allows trading.

In the central part a graph showing the behavior of the course is visible. We have several tools to choose from to facilitate technical analysis. Below the chart are your open orders, history and available funds.

On the right side you can see the order sheet and real-time transactions. At the top, you can select currency pairs and go to your user account. Below is the form used for transactions.

binance exchange panel

  • 1. Course chart
  • 2. Time interval
  • 3. Tools & indicators
  • 4. Indicator chart
  • 5. Volume 
  • 6. Orders selection
  • 7. Open orders
  • 8. User panel
  • 9. Recent transactions
  • 10. Purchase form
  • 11. Sales form
  • 12. Graph zooming

The Binance Exchange provides four currency pairs. In each of these markets prices are slightly different. Participants behave differently, which translates into the conditions and thus the earnings from trading.

  • BTC (Bitcoin) – the largest market
  • ETH (Ethereum)
  • USDT (Tether) –  cryptocurrency holding the price of the US dollar
  • BNB (BinanceCoin) – the cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange


Set up Binance Account

Binance Beginners Guide on how to buy cryptocurrencies

First select the currency pair you want from the top menu. Then fill out the form. You can choose from three types of orders: Limit, Market and Stop Limit. Complete all data and confirm by clicking buy or sale.

For instance, each form has a percentage calculator. Instead of manually filling in the quantity field you can convert what percentage of your coins to be used for purchase or sale transactions. There is no need to count on the external calculator. It’s a lot easier and it saves time.

Limit – Order with price selection

You set the price for which you want to buy or sell coin. You choose the amount of coins. After accepting the order is visible and available to other players. After that, if any of them use your offer, the transaction will be closed.


Market – Immediate order

Automatic execution of transactions at the currently valid price. You only set the amount of coins you want to buy or sell and approve. The transaction is executed immediately. The current market price is set in the form by default – Market price. In other words, the approved transaction can not be canceled. Therefore, before using this option, check everything twice.


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Stop Limit – Conditional order

The order is not visible to others. It will be activated and added to the visible list only when the rate reaches the level set by you (stop). Then it will be carried out at the price set in the limit field.


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When to set a stop loss order?

Suppose you bought ETH Coin at 1 BTC per unit. The acceptable level of loss is 10%, or 0.9. In order for the order to be made on such conditions, the stop loss must be set. How to do it? This binance exchange guide will explain You.

Choose stop limit and fill in the fields in the sales form as follows:


When the price level goes down to 0.92 (stop), the order will be added to the list with the execution rate 0.9 (limit). If it is complete, you will receive 1 ETH (quantity) with a value of 0.9 BTC (total).

In this way, you will avoid major losses if the course continued to fall. You do not have to watch the stock market. The order will enter automatically.

Order is ready, only when the price reaches ceiling (stop). In case of use the normal order limit ➙ cryptocurrencies would be sold immediately at a price worse than the current market price.

Is it worth setting a stop loss on Binance?

In most binance giude they write that You should set a stop loss always and there is a lot of truth in it. However, each stick has two ends. The same case is on binance exchange. Cryptocurrency rates on the Binance Stock Exchange (and any other) are fluctuating. These are natural fluctuations or caused by the activity of speculative groups.

When the price of a cryptocurrency temporarily drops and you have set a stop loss, the order activates and the coins will be sold. The price drop can be short-lived and accidental. Therefore, after a while the exchange rate begins to grow.

However, your stop loss is “broke” and you sold your coins “on the hole”, at the worst possible time.

Stop loss is a tool to minimize losses and protect capital.

In the situation described above, it may work against us.

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Get rid of residual amounts of cryptocurrencies on the Binance exchange?

On some coins there is a “dust” after the transaction. The rest (dust) is hard to get rid of. This applies to the small amount of coins available on the Binance exchange platform. The phenomenon of dust also applies to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

In this case, You can be solve the problem by replacing a rest on the BNB (BinanceCoin). So, You can be easily exchange your rest of crypto coins or buy it directly for BNB coins.

To get rid of leftovers, click -> funds -> balances -> change to. A list of coins will be displayed. Select the ones you want to replace on the bottom right corner and click the yellow button change to BNB.

You can exchange cryptocurrencies with a value less than 0.001 BTC once every 24 hours. Such exchange takes a commission of 2%. 

If in your opinion I miss something in this binance user guide, write it in the comments. You can also follow this binance exchange guide on your mobile phone.

Binance User Panel

After reading this binance beginners guide, you will understand exactly how to navigate the interface of the Binance platform.

After registering on Binance and logging in, you will see the user panel. Fourteen language versions are available. The main menu at the top of the screen consists of two parts: left and right. Each of them contains a number of tabs. 

The right side of binance menu


Funds – The amount of balances, that is all your cryptocurrencies currently in the stock exchange account. Deposit and withdrawal history.

Orders – Open and completed orders and history of completed and unfinished transactions.

Join Us – Job offers that Binance proposes. Job description, requirements and the opportunity to submit your candidacy.

Work – List of frequently asked questions and contact with support. Information about new products on the stock exchange.

Human icon – Settings and account security. Password change. Information about logins and bonuses in the form of granted coins.

Round icon – Choice of language version.

How To Set an Account on the Binance Exchange

If You don’t have an binance account yet, this binance user guide can give you knowledge on how to setup binance account.

First, click the human icon on the right side of the binance menu. In the central part you have the data of your stock exchange account. Email address, last login IP, verification level and withdrawal limit.


By switching the green button to the ON position you will reduce the commission by 25%.

The commission will be charged on the BNB stock exchange. Saving is pretty big, so buy a few BNB coins right away and keep it on the stock market.

Left Side of The Binance Menu


Exchnge – Binance provides two versions of the transaction panel. Basic and advanced. In the advanced version, you have indicators and tools to facilitate technical analysis.

Academy – Training videos presenting the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Info – Bulk information about the cryptocurrencies available on Binance. Ranking of percent growth and basic figures.

Labs – Binance supports newly emerging cryptocurrency projects. Startups participating in the Labs program can count on technical and marketing support.

Lunch Pad – A platform that allows you to broadcast your own ICO. The investment offer is only available to exchange users. Binance’s patronage reduces the risk of inaccuracies so common in the world of ICO. This is beneficial for investors.

Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) – If we use Binance, part of the commission for exchange of cryptocurrencies is intended for charitable organizations.

Research – A report-generating platform that provides in-depth analysis of digital content data for Binance investors.

Trust Wallet – It is an open and decentralized Ethereum wallet application that can be used anonymously. Binance Trust wallet supports Ethereum and over 20,000 tokens based on protocols such as ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721.

Follow this binance beginners guide and learn how properly use Binance Exhange, Binance trading fees and much more!

How to Get free Bitcoins & invest on Binance

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In this binance exchange guide you could certainly find basic information about the binance exchange service.
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This binance beginners guide will cover what you need to know about Binance platform and how to setup Binance account in a very simple way.

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