coinpot-faucets-lists-2020 Coinpot Faucet List 2020 – All 7 Faucets & even more ! 

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coinpot faucets list

Coinpot Faucet Sites in One Place, for One Microwallet

In short, Earn Free Bitcoin & Altcoins from Coinpot Faucet List 2020.

  •  Before you start, please install The Best Desktop or Android Online Wallet for most popular cryptocurrencies  Binance Wallet >

In fact You can receive instant bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your faucets account.

After that, You can withdraw your free crypto coins toyour Desktop wallet with very low fee or even without any fees!

In other words, You can use one stop station like Coinpot Wallet to earn free Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dashcoin & Dogecoin. In addition, every earnings You can accumulate from one list of 7 coinpot faucet sites 2020 and from the best crypto faucets unassigned to a Coinpot!

FaucetCoinPaymentMin. PayoutReviewReferralTimeVisit
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00035 BTCcointiply faucet review (4.7 / 5)25%60 min
Faucet Crypto
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00000500 BTC (4.8 / 5)25%40 min
Fire Faucet
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00030 BTC (4.4 / 5)20%30 min
Free Bitcoin
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Direct0.00030 BTC (5 / 5)50%60 min
Free Litecoin
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Direct0.00200 LTC (4.8 / 5)50%60 min
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpayNO (4.2 / 5)10% - 50%10% - 50%
Crypto Browser
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Direct0.00001 BTC (4.1 / 5)Your Referral = 15% + Multilevel ref. %no time
All Coins
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.00050 BTC (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
Brave Faucet
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
Brave Browser FaucetDirectno limitCoinpot Faucets Review 5 / 5)1 Ref = 5 - 50 BATno time
Lucky Fish
(Not assign to Coinpot but one of the BEST!)
DirectFaucetpay0.002 BTC (3.9 / 5)25%no time
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00030 BTCbitfun faucet review (5 / 5)50%5 min
Moon Bitcoin
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00010 BTCmoonbit faucet review (4.8 / 5)50%5 min
Bonus Bitcoin
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00010 BTC (4.7 / 5)50%15 min
Moon BCH
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00010 BCH (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
Moon Litecoin
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00200 LTC (4.7 / 5)25%5 min
Moon Dash
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 0.00020 DASH (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
Moon Doge
(Doesn't work anymore!)
CoinPot 50 DOGE (4.8 / 5)25%5 min
00:05:00 Faucets Reviews in Brief

Read short reviews about each faucets that ever existed.

Bitfun Faucet

bitfun-faucet-in-briefCurrently Bitfun faucet is the most distinguished of all 7 faucets. Therefore, this short bitfun review take first place out of all reviews of coinpot faucet sites.
At the beginning it is worth to say, that you can earn on bitfun not only on bitcoin faucet site, but also on surveys and simple tasks. On the other hand, You can get 50% commission for each referral invited on bitfun from Your personal affiliate link. Of course You can get your own referral link after registering your account on bitfun.

How To Get BTC satoshi on bitfun Faucet?

Usually, to get bitcoin satoshis on bitfun faucet you need to install various iOS & android applications or watch short video ads. However, when it comes to claiming free satoshi bitcoin on the bitfun faucet, it can be done in a very accessible way. In other words, you can claim free btc from bitfun faucet whenever you want. However, for more persistent users who often visit websites with crypto faucets, there is also the possibility to claim btc satoshi every 3 minutes. Therefore, it’s worth to use the coinpot faucets list above, because a counter has been added to each faucet on this coinpot faucet list. Thanks to this crypto faucet’s counter you can see after what time you can claim free btc again.

Is Bitfun Legit or Scam?

In summary, Bitfun faucet is completely legal and solvent. All BTC satoshi earned on Bitfun lands directly into Coinpot microwallet. After that You can withdraw Your crypto coins anywhere else from Coinpot.

Visit Bitfun >   Learn More > 


Moonbit Faucet

moonbit-faucet-in-briefUndoubtedly, Moonbit faucet is as popular as Bitfun among faucets. In other word on Moonbit faucets you can also earn bitcoin (BTC) by completing surveys or simple tasks from various sources. Currently offers and surveys from the Moonbit faucet are Wannad Surveys, Offer Daddy, Offer Toro or Super Rewards.

How To Get BTC satoshi on Moonbit Faucet?

Similarly, to most Coinpot Faucets, YOU decide how often to claim Your coins. To clarify, You can claim small amount of bitcoin satoshi every 5 minutes or more btc satoshi once a day. Therefore, if you prefer to claim small amounts of BTC satoshi much more often, you can use the coinpot faucet list with counter above. Besides, there is also an offer bonus thanks to which you will receive an additional 5% for each completed survey. In addition, each offer bonus lasts for 30 days from the end of the survey.

That is to say, moonbit faucet has quite lucrative affiliate program. It’s mean, that You can get 25% for every claim of Your referrals that were invited to moonbit from Your affiliate link. However, the moonbit referral program pays less than bitfun referral program. For comparison, bitfun affiliate program pays 50% for every claim of Your referrals.
Therefore, bitfun is more popular on the internet than moonbit.

Is Moonbit Legit or Scam?

In summary, Moonbit faucet is fully legit. Certainly Moonbit should not be referred to as SCAM, because all the BTC funds you place on it go straight to Coinpot microwallet. So, as we mentioned before, Coinpot microwallet is also a reliable source for earning crypto passive income.

Visit Moonbit >  Learn More > 

Bonusbitcoin Faucet

bonusbitcoin-faucet-in-briefIn fact, Bonusbitcoin faucet gives you similar crypto passive income options as other coinpot faucets like Bitfun or Moonbit. In the same vein, the funds from the bonusbitcoin faucet go to one microwallet like Coinpot. All you need to do is to use Your Coinpot email address, when You login to bonusbitcoin account. After that You can accumulate crypto coin from every coinpot faucets in one microwallet.

How To Get BTC satoshi on Bonusbitcoin Faucet?

So, you can earn on bitcoin faucet, offers, surveys or referral program. However, on the bonusbitcoin faucet you can find a few differences in relation to Bitfun and moonbit faucet. Namely, I mean here the minimum time after which you can claim free satoshi again (i.e. You can claim BTC satoshi every 15 minutes). In addition, bonusbitcoin does not have the option of earning additional bonuses (loyalty, offer, mastery or referrals bonus) unlike the rest of the Coinpot Moon Faucets. Also, the average amounts you earn using the Bonusbitcoin faucet are usually smaller than on Bitfun or Moonbit.

On the other hand bonusbitcoin affiliate program, guarantees you 50% for every claim of each user you recommend. But, remember that your referrals earn on average are less than on Bitfun, so commissions from their earnings will also be slightly lower.

Is Bonusbitcoin Legit or Scam?

That is to say, Bonusbitcoin faucet has been on the crypto market for several years, so it would be difficult to call it SCAM. However, earning on Bonusbitcoin faucet or surveys requires a lot of free time and commitment. Therefore, it is worth to say that crypto faucets are a good method at the very beginning, if you are just starting Your adventure with Bitcoin.

So, after collecting a small amount of BTC on crypto faucets, you can use the coinpot mulitiplayer option to multiply your BTC satoshi. However, remember that you play on mulitiplayer at your own risk and take risks. Personally, I would suggest other opportunities like use Bonusbitcoin referral program.

Visit BonusBTC > Faucet

bonusbitcoin-faucet-in-briefFirst of all, Bitcoin Cash faucet operates on similar principles as the rest of the faucets with the nickname Moon. To clarify every Moon faucet like Moonbit, Moonlite, MoonBCH, MoonDash & MoonDoge are assigned to coinpot microwallet. As I mentioned earlier, Moon faucets stand out from other Coinpot faucets (e.g. bitfun & bonusbitcoin) in that they offer additional bonuses during claims.

How To Get BTC satoshi on Faucet?

In other words on Moonbitcoin.casch, you may receive additional bonus funds on every claim. The amount of funds received from bonuses depends on the degree of Your involvement on the website. So, as a Daily Loyalty Bonus you get an extra 1% for claiming BCH at least once a day. Therefore, if you regularly claim BCH on the website for 100 days, your Loyalty Bonus will be 100%.

Moreover, if you don’t have a one-day break, your Loyalty Bonus will stay at 100% per day.
In addition, you can receive referral bonuses if your referrals from affiliate program regularly claim free BCH. In other words You can get 1% for every referral that claim BCH at least once in 72 hours. However, when it comes to the Mastery Bonus, it is very variable and you don’t know exactly what it depends on.

Is Legit or Scam?

Moonbitcoin Cash is a fully legit faucet and works on the same principle as other trusted Moon Faucets combined with coinpot microwallet. That is to say, most crypto faucet users, highly recommend website due to the high paying payouts and various additional bonuses.

Visit MoonBCH > Faucet works on the same principle as faucet, but the payments are in litcoins satoshi. Of course, at the beginning litecoin faucet fills up faster, then slows down after some time. In other words litwcoins arrive much slower, especially after 24 hours. Therefore, many users on moonlitecoin faucet claim LTC satoshi usually after 24 hours. However, there are also many moonlitecoin users who prefer to claim LTC even every 5 minutes.

Also noteworthy is the moonlite referral program, because you can receive 25% for every claim by a referral user.
It is also worth emphasizing that a 25% commission from users recommended by you, will be granted until the end of moonlite faucet’s life.

How To Get BTC satoshi on Faucet?

Of course, you can increase your earnings on moonlite by up to several hundred percent using Referral Bonus, Daily Loytaly Bonus, and Mystery Bonus schemes.

According to moonlitecoin users reviews, sometimes there are problems with LTC claims if ad blocking extension is enable in Your browser. However, an alternative to these types of problems is a browser with a built-in ad blocking function, i.e. Brave Browser.

Is Legit or Scam?

That is to say, moonlitecoin has been one of the longest of all coinpot faucets, and all payments are made instantly on coinpot microwallet. Therefore, the above argument is sufficient to conclude that moonlite faucet is completely legal.

Visit MoonLite > Faucet is one of the youngest of the 7 Coinpot Faucets. Therefore, moondash faucet is quite different in appearance from moonbit or moonlite faucets. Besides, works on the same principle as moonbit or moonlite, but pays out the dashcoin (DASH) coin.

In appearance, the moondash faucet is very similar to because both faucets were created at the same time.


How To Get BTC satoshi on Faucet?

Mostly, the moondash faucet claims rate is influenced by the Dash / USD exchange rate, as well as the amount of advertising and donation revenues.

Claim on moon dash faucet is very easy and you don’t have to go through multiple captchas to get the reward.

That is to say, Dash coin faucet, unlike Moonbit, does not have the opportunity to earn money by completing surveys or additional tasks.

Is Legit or Scam?

Despite the few cons, We highly recommend using faucet as an additional way of micro passive income.

Besides, you can easy convert your Dash to BTC or LTC using Coinpot platform.

Visit MoonDash > Faucet works on the same principle as faucet, but the payments are in dogecoin satoshi. Of course, at the beginning moon doge faucet fills up faster, especially during the first hour. In other words free dogeoins arrive much slower, especially after 24 hours.

Therefore, many users on moondoge faucet claim DOGE coins usually after 24 hours. However, there are also many Dogecoins claimers who prefer to get LTC even every 5 minutes.

Also noteworthy is the moonlite referral program, because you can recieve 25% lifetime commission on all referrals faucet claims.
It is also worth emphasizing that a 25% commission from Your users, goes directly to Your Coinpot micro-wallet.

How To Get BTC satoshi on Faucet?

Of course, you can increase your earnings on moondoge by up to 300% using Referral Bonus, Daily Loytaly Bonus, and Mystery Bonus.

However, Moondoge coin faucet, unlike Moonbit, does not have offers & surveys option.

According to moondoge reviews, sometimes there are some issues with DOGE claims if ad blocking extension is enable in Your browser. However, You can solve this problem by installing Brave Browser.

Is Legit or Scam?

That is to say, all payments from moondoge website are made instantly on coinpot microwallet. Besides, and the rest of moon faucets is certainly not a SCAM

Visit MoonDoge >  

So, please Check The best way of using Coinpot Faucet List 2020

So, below is a guide showing the easiest way to use Coinpot Faucets List 2020.

In short, remember that you can also use our coinpot faucet sites 2020 on Android or IOS mobile devices.

In this coinpot tutorial, you will learn step-by-step:

 First of all, You’ll learn how to sign up to the Coinpot microwallet in simple way.

   After Registration, You’ll see the best way of using best crypto faucets on the Coinpot platform.

  In addition, You’ll know how to Multiply your money earned on Coinpot Faucets List 2020.

After all, You’ll be able to collect all Your funds from coinpot faucet sites on just one faucets microwallet.

Step 1

 Coinpot Faucet Sign Up

 But, before using any faucets all you have to make signup to one of these faucet  BitFun Faucet  and give your email adress. 

So, after logging in to BitFun Faucet, You can visit your Coinpot account from Your BitFun account. 

Step 3

Visit CoinPot Platform

Click “GO TO Coinpot” TAB on Bit Fun websitecoinpot faucets list 2020In fact, you You have just created your account on the coinpot microwallet with the same email address you used when registering to BitFun.

Step 4

More Coinpot Faucets

So, After creating an account on BitFun, you can use the same data to login to the coinpot platform. Then you can visit the rest of faucets from the Coinpot Faucets List 2020.

Also, You can accumulate funds from all coinpot faucets sites on just one coinpot microwallet (account). All, You need to do is to choose other coinpot faucets from the list above. After that, please enter the same email address as when login into bitfun faucet or into coinpot.

Step 5

All Coins in One Place

After selecting next faucet from the coinpot faucet sites, first enter the same email address you provided during the bitfun registration. 

So, only then You will collect all earned cryptocurrencies on just one microcallet. In addition, our Coinpot Faucet List 2020 is very intuitive to use from one place.

Step 6

Multiply Coinpot Earnings

In general, there are four options to increase your earnings on the coinpot faucets platforms.
1. Coinpot Lottery,
2. Coinpot Mulitiplier,
3. Coinpot Challenges,
4. Commissions from referrals claims,
5. Coinpot mining.

For the second option, please choose a multiplier, then select how many tokens you want to gamble with. But remember, that You decide whether you want to roll high or low in coinpot multiplier.

coinpot faucet list

In addition, for get more profits Visit Binance Exchange

But, How To invest With Faucets Earnings

Coinpot Faucet Sites In Short

But, What Coinpot Is?

So, According to the official Coinpot website, CoinPot is a cryptocurrency microwallet. Moreover, people use this microwallet mainly to collect funds from faucets. For example, on CoinPot you are able to store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dashcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Therefore, you can storing small amounts of cryptocurrency that you might recive from the faucets. . 

In short, at the top of this page you will find a coinpot faucet list 2020 of all faucets. In fact, Our coinpot faucets list 2020 is fully responsive and most importantly, it works similarly as a coinpot faucet rotator.

So, Is Coinpot Legit at all?

Above all, If you’re looking for a high-risk investment platform, then Coin Pot is not it. Instead, is a full legit website. However, use coinpot faucet sites to make real investments that will grow long-term. However, when the bitcoin valuation drops, you can exchange the coinpot tokens for btc. So, You can gain profits in a longer period of time. But, please stay away from companies that promise something for nothing. In other words, SCAM companies dishonestly give the opportunity to make a lot of money in a very short time.

Is Coinpot faucet list Safe?

However, it is unlikely that you will generate large profits without the need of experience or any work put in. Moreover, that profits increase significantly when you put theory about faucets to practice. Secondly, We think knowledge about coinpot can be the basis for collecting free btc on the internet.

On the other hand, facts that CoinPot has no information can be of great concern. However, most people are satisfied with the functionality of the Coinpot microwallet. In contrast, important thing is that the Coinpot platform has been on the crypto market for over two years now. Because, since the existence of the coinpot company, there have been no special cases of insolvency of funds for cryptocurrency wallets.

In addition we  present Faucets That Support CoinPot

So, below is a full coinpot faucet sites.

Consequently, seven faucets that support payouts to CoinPot:

  • Moon Bitcoin
  • Bitfun
  • Moon Litecoin
  • Moon Bitcoin Cash
  • Bonus Bitcoin
  • Moon Dashcoin
  • Moon Dogecoin

In conclusion, following coinpot knowledge is key to mastering a skill for trading on the free btc earnings.

Go To Coinpot Review > Go To Cointiply Review >

So, Before you leave this Coinpot Faucets List 2020 website, please let us know your opinion first in the comments below.

But, We hope that the most important Coinpot credibility facts have been presented.

In addition You can visit complete blueprint about highest paying faucets to get free bitcoins online faster.

So, below we present the conclusions about faucets:

  • At first, faucets will send your claims to CoinPot microwallet, and most important you will be able to convert them to other crypto atcoins
  • Naturally coinpot is not a scam. In fact, not many faucets are like Coinpot, so You must be careful
  • So, Another reason we are recommend a faucets list is because it has the best affiliate program of all faucets we have ever use
  • Consequently, have many referrals, who recommending various coinpot faucets
  • Certainly, there is an free app for Coinpot and most important You can use it on mobile phone and tablet.
  • There is no doubt that the Bitcoin & other coinpot altcoins faucets are the best opportunities in the Coinpot faucet network.
  • By comparison, coinpot faucets list 2020, is much profitable than faucethub faucets list
  • In addition, CoinPot platform has Bitcoin & altcoins mining option. Of course, You have to Sign up on and then you can start mining
  • So, as can be seen, the results about faucets are quite positive
  • To illustrate, All faucet sites that work with CoinPot microwallet are full legit
  • For example, is a most popular coinpot faucet. So, BitFun faucet gives out over a dozen satoshi every 3 minutes once
  • For instance, in moonbit faucet You are decide how often to claim! So, moonbit faucet is worth your time
  • Finally, Coinpot Faucets list is one of the best faucet list, because they pay SO MUCH & so quickly. That is why, faucets are so popular.
  • To conclude, We want to wish you all a very good free btc & altcoins earnings from Coinpot faucets List 2020. If you want, You can check more about What Coinpot Faucets Is?

Coinpot Faucet Guide >

Coinpot faucets Q&A session

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In my opinion, somanyprofits website provides the most detailed information, on how to use Coinpot Faucets and coinpot platform in general. Most importantly is, that you also recommend other sites to earn crypto passive income as well as Coinpot Faucet Sites. I wish You Good luck with the further development of valuable content on somanyprofits.