Bitcoin Faucet List 2024

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Bitcoin Faucet Sites 2024. 

List of Bitcoin faucets paying directly to BTC wallet or microwallet.

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Bitcoin Faucets in one Lucrative Crypto Faucet List

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  Add or link your BTC & Altcoins address to FaucetPay account.

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Moreover, you will be able to collect all the funds from Bitcoin Faucet List  on just two microwallets like Coinpot Faucetpay.

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Best Bitcoin Faucets Review 2024 

is one of the most popular Bitcoin faucet that gives investors the opportunity to earn bitcoins and participate in the weekly lottery. Therefore, people who want to have additional income in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin satoshi, only have to solve the captcha to generate their Btc.

Members of the site are able to deposit Satoshi on their freebitco account if they want to play the lottery for larger amounts.

Freebitco offers an exceptionally generous referral program. Such a profitable affiliate program has enabled this platform to attract millions of users in a few years. The site claims that the platform has already hosted over 60 billion games, during which users have won thousands of bitcoins.

Bonus Bitcoin

is a website that offers you the opportunity to earn bitcoins without spending your own money. Colloquially, such a website is called a bitcoin faucet. You could imagine that the Bitcoin bonus is a scam because it guarantees too much. To your surprise it is a really reliable website.


For instance, hundreds of websites have appeared in recent months that claim they can give you the opportunity to earn free Bitcoins. Most of them turned out to be huge scams. You must also remember that getting bitcoin satoshi on the Bonus Bitcoin requires taking some time. Therefore, it is worth using websites that have a complete list of faucets in one place.

BTC Clicks

We came across BTC Clicks around 1 year ago. People on BtcClick get crypto-coins just by watching ads for a few seconds. The displayed ads have the appropriate reward for the view.

Some people have doubts because we all know that there are sites that carry out various tasks, such as watching commercials. However, in reality, most of these websites are a mere scam. The amount of accumulated money in BTC Clicks depends mainly on the number of referrals. Your work is only a small part of profits. However, if you have a referral, you earn 50% of every click on the user you refer.


 is the best recommended cryptocurrency faucet that rewards users for various tasks such as playing games. You can also collect bitcoin satoshi every hour into a coinpot microwallet. Payments are made in bitcoins, and are processed within one day. The BitFun platform has aroused much controversy lately, because as always people are worried that it is a scam. Is that to say that Bitfun is one of the best bitcoin faucets. So if You select BTC on this bitcoin faucet list the filter will be work for a specific BTC faucets from the list above.

If you are wondering about using this faucet, visit our coinpot faucets list 2020. On this site you will find much more faucets on various cryptocurrencies.