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Best Cryptocurrency Wallets and Top Bitcoin Wallets 2024 ®

Top List of the Best Crypto Wallets for Desktop, iOS or Android

Attention! Please, install Brave Browser to get additional BAT tokens for using Top Crypto Wallets from the list below. Get Brave Now >  Check the best cryptocurrency wallets list and top bitcoin wallets ranking (2024 Update). In addition, our Top List of the Best Crypto Wallets is fully responsive for mobile devices like android or IOS. Moreover, you can read some reviews of the Top Bitcoin Wallets and the Best Altcoin Wallets from the list below.

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

So, before you choose your best cryptocurrency wallets from the list below, let's try to understand how they work?

In General, cryptocurrency or crypto wallets are programs that store your private and public kays. In fact private kays are used for access your wallet and authorize transfers. But, the amount of funds transferred between existing public addresses are records of transactions stored on the blockchain.

best cryptocurrency wallets for desktop and mobile device IOS android

How Cryptocurrency Wallets Work?

The Top Cryptocurrency wallets interacts with various blockchain. Every users of crypto wallets are able to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance.

If private and public keys match each other, the balance in your crypto wallet will change. In other words, for senders, the value of their bitcoins will decrease accordingly. To clarify, it is only a transaction record on blockchain, which causes a change in the balance in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Therefore, it should be emphasized that it is not possible to reverse a transaction approved in the blockchain.

Currently there are plenty of bitcoin or altcoin wallets to choose online, but not all are fully legit trustworthy. The list of top cryptocurrency wallets below is based on the opinions of experienced users.

Certainly, a number of important criteria decide about choosing the best cryptocurrency wallets or top bitcoin wallets. Therefore, on this page you will find a list of top cryptocurrency wallets depending on their reputation, security and ease of use (user-friendliness).

So, Let's look at the best crypto wallets for Desktop, Android or IoS mobile devices. Take a look on Latest Cryptocurrency Wallets Compare. The following list compares the best cryptocurrency wallets of various types like Hardware, Online, Paper, Desktop, Mobile wallets in 2024.

WalletTypeSupported CurrenciesNumber of CurrenciesReviewAffiliate ProgramRecovery OptionStorage TypeSecurity LevelUser FriendlinessPriceVisit
Ledger Nano X - One of the Top Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets
Hardware Wallet, Mobile Wallet with USB & bluetooth option
1150 (5/5)
10 % (you'll earn a minimum 10% commission of the final sales price)
Yes ( If the device is stolen or broken You can the recovery phrase or in case You forget the PIN)Cold StorageHigh (CC EAL5+ certification)Easy To Use (You can use Ledger Live app for desktop or mobile devices)€119 / $119 + Free Shipping WorldwideVisit Now >
Ledger Nano S - One of the Top Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets
Hardware Wallet, Mobile Wallet with USB & without bluetooth option
1100 (4.8/5)
10 % (you'll earn a minimum 10% commission of the final sales price)
Yes ( If the device is stolen or broken You can the recovery phrase or in case You forget the PIN)Cold StorageHigh (hackers can’t access the Ledger Nano S because it store Your private keys offline)Easy To Use (You can use Ledger Live app for desktop or mobile devices)€59 / $59 / £54.50 + Free Shipping WorldwideVisit Now >
Trezor 2 - One of the Best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets
Hardware Wallet, Mobile Wallet with USB & without bluetooth option
700 (4.5/5)
12% -15% (you'll earn 12% - 15% commission of the final sales price)
Yes ( If the device is stolen, broken or misplaced, You can use the recovery seed)Cold StorageHigh (is uses Blind matrix concept, so users can enter the PIN even on untrusted computers)Easy To Use (It has a clear and legible screen. Is distinguished by a very intuitive operation)€180 / $205 / £162 + ShippingVisit Now >
Coinpot - One of the Best Cryptocurrency Online Wallets
Online Cryptocurrency Wallet, Mobile Wallet for Desktop, Android and iOS
5 Binance Exchange Review (4.5/5)
You can lucrative commission from referrals who claim on crypto faucets by Your referral link
No sure (You cen a mail to the coinpot company. It has been running for three years without major restrictions)Hot Storage (In Addition You can get free BTC & Altcoin from Faucets to one place like Coinpot Microwallet)Medium (It is very good to store a small amount of funds & for user who like claim free bitcoin from coinpot faucets)Easy To Use (It is very comfortable to use. Additionally, it provides statistics and analysis of your earnings on monthly charts)Totally free Visit Now >
Binance - One of the Top Cryptocurrency Online Wallets
Online Cryptocurrency Wallet & Exchange in One, Mobile Wallet for Desktop, Android and iOS
1400 Binance Exchange Review (4.7 / 5)
20% - 40% from referrals fees for every trade
No sure (You cen a mail to the Binance company if something going wrong. It has been running for 5 years without any problems. Sometimes they have maintenance).Hot Storage like Exchange Online Medium (It can be very good users who regularly trade the stock exchanges).Easy To Use (It is very easy to use) read binance guide!FreeVisit Now >

Meanwhile, You can Check a short Guide of using Best Cryptocurrency Wallets from the List above

So, below is a guide for easy using the Best Cryptocurrency Wallets and Top Bitcoin Wallets List in 2024.

On the other hand, You should remember that you can also use our Top Cryptocurrency Wallets Ranking on mobile phones.

In this paragraph, you will learn step-by-step on How to use the most recommended & best secure cryptocurrency wallets from the ranking above.

  First of all, if you don't have much funds to buy a hardware wallet, you can use very secure online crypto wallet like Faucethub. In fact, this wallet is very useful to start with, because you can accumulate free bitcoins and altcoins from various faucets in it.

   The second option of the Top bitcoin wallets or Best altcoin wallets online is Binance. In addition, Binance is one of the best crypto exchange in the world. Therefore, at the beginning you can claim free bitcoins and altcoins on Faucethub microwallet. After that, You can transfer these funds to Binance online wallet and multiply them during trade on the Binance exchange.

The third, safest option for storing more cryptocurrencies is hardware wallet. Therefore, if you manage to multiply your cryptocurrencies on the Binance exchange or on the Faucethubt microwallet, you should consequently transfer these funds to Ledger Nano X hardware wallet.


To clarify, you can also use faucethub microwallet to convert & multiply various cryptocurrencies earned on the best crypto faucets list in Google.

Step 1

 Top Microwallet

To clarify this, Microwallet Coinpot is the best option for beginners who are just starting to accumulate bitcoins and altcoins online.

Coinpot Faucets  give you the opportunity to accumulate free BTC & Altcoins in one place which is coinpot microwallet.

That is to say, coinpot Is the best altcoin wallet online from the best cryptocurrency wallets list above. 

Step 2

Best Online Wallet

On Binance Wallet You can accumulate most of the cryptocurrencies. In addition, You can read Binance Beginners Guide below

Binance Guide >

You can also, read Binance Review to find out why Binance is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets.

You can also use Binance as a cryptocurrency exchange and multiply Your earnings from faucethub Faucets.

Step 3

Hardware Wallet

Nano S Hardware wallet is secure, offline mobile device. It can store your Bitcoin & Altcoin offline so they're vary hard to be hacked.

Ledger Nano X

Therefore, You can understand hardware as a portable bank account.

Moreover, Is the best option for investors who want to store bitcoins or altcoins in very secure and easy way.

Step 4

Referral Program

Moreover, You can get a substantial commission for recommending Ledger Nano X wallet to your friends or customers.

Ledger Affiliate >

That is to say, Ledger Nono Referral Program is very user friendly.

Immediately after visiting the Ledger Nano X wallet website you will receive your affiliate link. All you have to do is to click on the "affiliates" tab in the footer.

If someone uses your Ledger Referral ID to buy a wallet you'll earn a minimum 10% commission of the final sales price.

Step 5

Secure Nano X

You need to press both buttons at the same time to confirm any cryptocurrency transaction.

Ledger Nano X users have to create a PIN code to protect their bitcoins in case of lose device.

How To Secure  >

After three incorrect attempts to enter the PIN code the device wipes itself immediately.

So, with hardware wallet You store Your BTC & Altcoins offline. As a result, Your cryptocurrencies are stored securely outside the hacker area.

Step 6

Video Tutorial

To sum up, see a practical example (Step by Step Guide) of How to use Ledger Nano S from the best cryptocurrency wallets list above.

Nano X Video >

That is to say, After watching a video tutorial about one of the Top bitcoin wallets,

You'll learn How to Use Ledger Nano X and Nano S (one of the Top Cryptocurrency Wallets).

The general principle of using hardware crytocurrency wallets is similar for all hardware wallets from ccryptocurrency wallets ranking above.

Learn from video guide about Best Cryptocurrency Wallets

Is the Ledger Nano S Legit?

Buy Nano S >

How To transfer cryptocurrencies to the Ledger Nano S wallet?

What Altcoins Can be Stored on the Nano S?

Can the Ledger Nano S be Hacked?

How do I Transfer my Bitcoins or Altcoins to the Nano S?

Can I Use my Ledger Nano S with My Android or IOS device?

Is the Ledger Nano S one of the best altcoin wallets from the cryptocurrency wallets ranking above?


Ledger Nano S Review & Video Guide 2024

Take a look at the Ledger Nano S Wallet

Find out, Why Ledger Nano S Is Worth Your Money


How crypto online wallets work?

Cryptocurrency Online Wallets are also known as web bitcoin & altcoin wallets. The main feature of these wallets is that you can run them online in any browser of your Desktop or iPhone.

Compared to other types of cryptocurrency wallets, they are one of the most popular wallets for beginners.
Unfortunately, most bitcoin wallets online are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Therefore, crypto online wallets usually get low marks in cryptocurrency wallets ranking. However, there are few web cryptocurrency wallets that are legit and trustworthy and do not have to be just for beginners.

However, We have to remember to use btc online wallets only for storing a small amount of cryptocurrency.

So, take a look at the Top Online Cryptocurrency Wallets

Below is a list of online wallets that have been selected based on user experience. They collected the best reviews according to known ranking of cryptocurrency wallets.

#1 FaucetPay Online Microwallet

Faucethub Cryptocurrency MicroWallet is an online cryptocurrency wallet for storing bitcoins and various known altcoins. Moreover, the great advantage of this portfolio is the possibility of accumulating funds from BTC faucets on it.

This is because Faucethub is a partner of the most profitable btc & altcoin Faucets operating on the cryptocurrency market. It is also worth emphasizing that the funds obtained from Faucwthub Faucets can be multiplied using the beneficial options offered by FaucetPay microwallet.

Thanks to additional functions such as: FaucetPay multiplayer or Faucethub Lottery you can multiply your funds gained from FaucetPay Faucets. Besides, FaucetPay has a very lucrative Referral Program, which is offer users to earn cryptocurrencies for recommending FaucetPay Faucets. So If you’re looking for good & legit wallet online that has several profitable functionalities, then this is a best desktop or mobile app to you to use on.


#2 Binance Online Wallet

In fact, Binance is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. But, it also has one of the best cryptocurrency wallets online to to store most of all cryptocurrencies listed on coinmarketcap.

Undoubtedly, there is an unwritten rule in the world of cryptocurrency: Do not keep your funds on the stock exchange for a long time. And to be honest it is true because many stock exchanges were attacked and irreversibly lost their user's funds.

However, it must be said that Binance is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges. So, If You have plans to multiply Your digital assets by trading, Binance is one of the best choices when it comes to top cryptocurrency wallets online. Besides, if you make money for free BTC na FaucetPay Faucets You can transfer it to Binance wallet and start trade in easy way.

Also, if you earn free BTC on FaucetPay or other Faucets You can transfer it to Binance wallet and start trade in easy way.

So, if you plan to trade regularly on the cryptocurrency market, it's good to choose Binance wallet.
The reason is that the Binance exchange has been on the market for almost five years and has not been hacked yet.

Moreover, the constant transfer of your assets from place to place can be very expensive because you will have to pay transaction fees.


How cryptocurrency hardware wallets work?

Certainly hardware wallets are the best option for those who want to buy cryptocurrencies and then keep them until their price increases. In other words hardware wallets are the best option to securely store cryptocurrencies offline.

In the above ranking of cryptocurrency wallets, hardware wallets occupy the highest place, mainly due to security.

To clarify, a paper wallet is the safest option for storing cryptocurrencies offline. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency paper wallet is not at all convenient and user-friendly, due to the need to use private keys with every transaction. Accordingly, the paper wallet is not the most popular among cryptocurrency users.
In contrast, hardware wallets are the best alternative to paper wallets because of their friendly interface. Below you will find a brief description of top bitcoin wallets & Best altcoin wallets that work as hardware wallet.

#1 Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet

Ledger Nano S is also the cheapest and the most secure version of the popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

In addition, Ledger Nano S uses one of the most popular protections among hardware wallets, which is the PIN code.

Therefore, if someone loses the device, you should not worry about someone breaking the PIN code in a short time. After getting lost, you can quickly transfer funds to another place. In addition, the person who finds the lost wallet will block it after three unsuccessful attempts to enter the PIN code.